We proudly sell new Hangcha Forklifts,  Hangcha is one of China’s largest forklift manufactures and exports these machines all over the world. These machines are great value for money and have proven to be very reliable in our hire fleet as well. For more info on the range of Hangcha forklifts please contact us or visit http://www.hcforklift.com/products

We have a wide range of late model forklifts for hire and sale ranging from small 1.5t LPG trucks up to 7 ton. All of these are available for both short & long term rental.

We also carry and are able to supply a wide range of spare parts to suit just about every brand of forklift including but not limited to Clark, Hyster, Toyota & many more

If you have any questions regarding the Sales / Service / Rental and Spare parts etc for any forklift please feel free to contact us.